Adi Shankar and his “Bootleg Universe” are at it again with a dark reimagining of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers starring James Van Der Beek and Katee Sackhoff.

Producer Adi Shankar sat down on his YouTube Channel and let us fans in on Bootlegging the Power Rangers. I like Adi Shankar’s style. The guy makes awesome movies(The Grey, Dredd, Lone Survivor), awesome “Bootleg Universe” shorts(Dirty Laundry, Truth in Journalism) and his two favorite TV shows growing up were also some of my favorites; Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and X-Men the animated series.

Many countless hours of my childhood were spent watching Power Rangers, playing with their toys, imagining my own story lines, the missions they would have fought, and who would have double crossed the Power Rangers. Until recently the imaginations from my childhood would have never brought this side of the Power Rangers to the spotlight. Thanks to Adi Shankar and Joseph Kahn it is now a reality. I like the video Adi Shankar put together talking about some childhood nostalgia.

Shankar tells us the back ground on his thoughts about how the High School Power Rangers who fight this intergalactic war will totally have PTSD since they are child soldiers. These Child Soldiers are bad at school, relationships don’t exist(since they were saving the world), and these kids are fighting a crazy woman in the sky and a man with his brain hanging out. No wonder this Bootleg is so dark. Shankar goes into talking about wanting cast Orlando Bloom for the Pink Ranger(#orlando4pink). Shankar tells us about how amazing director Joseph Kahn is and how he should be making Big Budget Blockbuster films and it is a travesty he doesn’t. Viewers are once again told the basis of these “Bootleg Universe” films is not a pitch. “Adi desperately seeks your approval… That’s his pitch.” None of the other films from the “Bootleg Universe” are a pitchs. These films take us into a small part of the “Bootleg Universe”.

Watch Adi Shankar: Why Bootleg The Power Rangers?


The Power/Rangers are  already making waves on the internet; Vimeo has already taken down the short film as been notified by Joseph Kahn’s Twitter account and his Vimeo account.

Still not familiar with Adi Shankar and his Bootleg Universe Films? Check out Dirty Laundry and Truth in Journalism.

The Punisher: Dirty Laundry

Directed: Phil Joanou Written by: Chad St. John

Venom: Truth in Journalism

Written and Directed by: Joe Lynch

Now you know a little more about Adi Shankar and his films.

Adi Shankar on Twitter

Adi Shankar YouTube Channel


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