Advice For Up-And-Coming Rock Stars.

The other day I came across a Facebook post, from professional photographer Robert M. Knight, about how someone should write a book for up-and-coming rock stars. Well Robert, I am not going to write a book but I am going to go over your 5 points. Hopefully some of my Artist View peers can comment their real experiences to juice it up or talk about anything I may have missed(because I am not a rock star). Robert offered the following advice for things an up-and-coming rock star should accomplish before they turn 18. And then I added my 2 cents.

Do the following:

  1. Enter rehab now and get it out of the way; even if you are currently sober.
    1. It is always best to know what to expect before you enter rehab. is a good resource for finding and picking the right Rehab.
    2. Here are the Top 12 Drug and Alcohol Rehab’s according to Consumer Affairs.
  2. Find a woman you hate and just buy her a house.
    1. This point is for the future male rock star. Don’t just go out and find any woman. You need to find the woman that throws your record collection from the balcony as you watch the vinyl shatter at your feet. For women; just buy me a house. If you can not find a reason to hate me then go out and find the man who was awful and manipulative to you. Or read some girly magazine about the top ten reasons to hate men.
  3. If you are a singer and think you are more important than the rest of your band do your solo album now. No one will ever care anyway.
    1. Who knows you might end up on Ultimate Classic Rock’s “10 Worst Solo Albums By Superstar Band Members
  4. Start a business in tattoo removal. You might need a back up if you don’t make it.
    1. You are probably thinking my tattoos are awesome “I am going to get another Nordic star and inspirational quote”. No, you should invest in your contingency plan now.
  5. Never look for your future wife in a strip club!
    1. Make sure the woman from the 2nd point is not a stripper. But feel free to enjoy yourself at the strip clubs.

Robert has been around famous and inspirational rock stars for 40 years. From one of the first to shoot Jimi Hendrix and the last to shoot Stevie Ray Vaughan, Robert M. Knight has played an intricate role in rock & roll music and rock & roll photography. I was fortunate to help Robert promote his book, “Rock Gods: Forty Years of rock Photography” and film “Rock Prophecies” back when I was in college(Go Griz!). The man has been around rock & roll for decades and he got to know a lot of the super stars we know and love today in a much different light then what we might know. This is why I believe the young & talented should read this article with a light heart(more from my additions) but also take away what Robert M. Knight is trying to get across. Don’t let your ego overtake your talents because history has shown many young talented artists have thrown away a prosperous career for living life a little too reckless. So go out and make these mistakes early so you can focus on a long and healthy rock & roll career. Thanks for your advice Robert.

Robert M. Knight

Robert M. Knight Official Website

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