Alewood – The Game of Shooting Dice & Slinging Pints.

Alewood is the Wild West, outlaw hunting, table top drinking game–where your pint glass is your sixshooter.

I am writing this article today because the fellas over at Acronaut Games came up with an awesome idea for a new table top game and with less than 2 weeks left they could use some extra support to reach their $16,000 goal. I recently backed Acronaut Games’ newest campaign, Alewood, on Kickstarter and I feel like other people would appreciate this game. Why would others appreciate this game? Because others like me like to entertain themselves with the occasional drinking game. Now this isn’t your typical college drinking game like Beerpong, Beirut, Flippy Cup, Moose, Asshole, etc. Alewood is a modern 2-6 player tabletop drinking game that uses beer as a component and not the main objective of the game. Become the citizen of Alewood that guns down the outlaws, gets the bounty, and earns the last ticket out of town.

Alewood’s Video.

So for those of you who are interested in, what appears to be, a highly entertaining game go pledge toward Alewood’s campaign today. They are in their last 2 weeks of their Kickstarter campaign and I know we (Artist View) want to add this game to the office table top game collection.

Go ahead and take a look at the Alewood Kickstarter project to learn more about this table top drinking game.

Check out Acronaut Games

Acronaut Games Online

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