Artist View Reaches Kickstarter Goal

Artist View has successfully met their Artist View T-Shirt Kickstarter campaign goal of $10,000. A big “Thank You” is in order for the 120+ backers who raised just over $10,000 in 30 days and the many others who helped support the campaign in other ways; sharing & liking posts, hanging & handing out promotional flyers, and believing in Artist View.


Artist View is currently in the process of receiving post campaign surveys. Once the surveys are in the shirts will be ordered, printed, and shipped out. If you missed out on getting your Artist View T-Shirt do not worry because the Artist View Apparel site is coming soon.

Thanks again for all of the amazing support throughout this Kickstarter campaign. – Artist View

Artist View Kickstarter

Learn more about the Artist View Kickstarter Campaign: Click Here.

Learn more about Kickstarter: Click Here.

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