Artist View Uploading Your Media (Part 2)

The previous article, “Artist View Uploading Your Media (Part 1)”, in the Artist View Tutorial Series took you through the basics of uploading your media. This article will go further into depth with uploading and editing your media, creating an album, and crediting your media.

Before we get into where we left off in the last article with editing your media. Let’s first create a new album. Click on Add New Album on the left side of your screen.

Once you have clicked “Add New Album” you will be taken to this screen:

The first part on this page is creating the title, description, and uploading an image for the album cover.

Scroll down to “Categories”: here you will select what category the album fits under and select what your role was on this album.

The categories you selected on the first sign up will be the default categories unless you change them. In this example the user Artist View did not select any roles under the category so we will fill this out now. Tip: Depending on the media, the categories will change or have multiple fields. For example: If this music album was the soundtrack for a movie then the subcategory would be “Film”.

We will go ahead and put “Film” as the subcategory for our Music Album example.

Next, select what your role was for this album.

Some role’s expand allowing you to select a more specific role; such as “Musician”. As you can see, there are many selections to choose from; bassist, drummer, guitarist, etc. The next part is selecting the genre associated to your album and your role. The genre’s also expand so you can get more specific.

The final part to creating a new album is the “Credits”. Credits allow you to credit anyone who may have worked on this Album. Start typing in the person/organization and their profile will be linked to your album.

After you have finished creating your new album lets put some media inside it. Artist View allows users to simply drag & drop media into albums. Just click & grab the piece of media, drag it over to the designated album and drop it off. The boarder of the album will highlight so you know what album your media is going into.

Your new album will look like this:

Now that we have created a new album let’s go back and look at editing individual pieces of media. You may want to edit individual pieces of media if different musicians were involved on certain tracks, add specific descriptions, and/or any other details you want to edit.

At this point you can edit the title of your media, make the piece of media visible/not-visible, edit details, and delete your piece of media. Lets focus on the three icons that appear; an eye that makes the media visible/not-visible, a pencil that allows you to edit the details, and an “X” that will ask if you want to delete your piece of media.

When the eye icon is clicked, your media will grey out like the image below and will not be visible to the public. There will now be a slash through the eye icon.

When your media is not visible you can still view and edit the contents of your media. (Tip: Before posting any media, while it is hidden, take the time to edit your media and credit those involved)

The next icon we will cover is the pencil that allows you to edit your media details. After you click the pencil you will be taken to this screen:

From this screen you can now edit all the details for your media and move your media to a different album. The first part of editing is giving your media, in this case song, a title. A title is the only mandatory field for media but we highly suggest adding a description and crediting anyone who was involved. The title can be anything you want but we recommend something short and sweet. Once you have a title, give your media a description that tells a story for your fans and other artists. Credits: this allows you to credit anyone who may have worked on this piece of media. Start typing in the person/organization and their profile will be linked to your media.

Once you have your credits filled out they will appear on that piece of media’s individual page, in the bottom right, like below:

This article should give you a better understanding of how to upload, edit, and organize your media. If you have any other questions at this point feel free to leave a comment.

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