Batman V Superman Leaked Trailer

The Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer has now leaked online. From the other sources I have read, this trailer may not be around for long. Thanks to the easy access of technology someone managed to take a cell phone video of the trailer and sure enough they posted it online for all of us to enjoy. Now the trailer was supposed to come out in select IMAX theaters Monday April 20th. So we will see how long this video stays up until the plug gets pulled. Honest truth is I might need to go see an IMAX movie just to see this trailer on the big screen. Like most Comic Book movies, I am excited to see Batman and Superman duke it out. Don’t mind the Portuguese subtitles, low quality, and sometimes blurry video this is the best we have so far.

Link to original source.

So the trailer gives us a little taste of what is to come next year. We didn’t see Wonder Woman or Aquaman in this trailer but I can imagine they will make an appearance in the next one. We did hear the opinions of Superman from Lex Luthor and others, and we saw the Batwing and Batmobile in action.

Here are a few stills from the trailer to get the mind thinking about Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. From the photos below: We see; the Metropolis(Chicago) Skyline with a Statue of Superman; the people seem like they are starting to idolize him like a God, what appears to be Superman and his followers; not sure how that will play out but it might have to do with the God thing, Superman lifting a rocket above his head; I think it say “OCKOCMO” on the side(not sure it means anything, yet), what appear to be Soldiers kneeling before Superman; not sure who they are but they seem loyal to Superman or possibly scared, someone reaching out to Superman in the sky; not sure who it is but it looks like a lady(this might be Wonder Woman, Lois Lane, his mom, some random person he saved, etc.), Graffiti saying “FALSE GOD” on the chest of Superman’s statue; seems like some people are not happy with him, Batman’s suit; it is looking pretty awesome like always(as long as there are no nipples), what looks like Batman looking over something or someone in either a temple or Wayne Manor in shambles(I am leaning toward Wayne Manor and it basically is a temple); I was curious if the Graffiti on the columns means anything but right now the only thing that sticks out to me is what looks like The Riddler’s signature “?” on one of the columns, Batman coming out a fire; Ben Affleck looks like a beast in the Batman suit and I am sure he just got done either kicking-ass or getting his ass kicked, Batman wearing an armored suit; I am curious if that suit is strong enough to battle Superman but knowing the intelligence of Batman he probably has a bunch of tricks up his sleeve, and last we have Batman and Superman facing off in the rain; I doubt they just want to talk after Batman asked if Superman bleeds and then says “You will”.

Let me know what your thoughts are about the trailer and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice in the comments below.


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