BATMAN vs DARTH VADER (Alternate ending)

Yes you read that correctly; the Dark Knight and the Sith Lord battle it out. Last month the creative people over at Bat in the Sun released a new Super Power Beat Down fan film BATMAN vs DARTH VADER (Episode 14). Bat in the Sun’s Super Power Beat Down web series has the fans vote on who will win between two super powered legends and make them battle. They have it all from DC characters vs MARVEL characters, Darth Vader vs Gandalf, to a four character battle royal. And now they have released the alternate ending where Batman has some better tricks on his belt to face off against Darth Vader.

Set the Scene: Batman is on a mission to the Imperial Death Star to rescue the captured Superman from the grasp of Darth Vader. Boba Fett used a Kryptonite-powered Lightsaber to aid Darth Vader in the capture of Superman. With the rest of the Justice League occupied, it is up to the Caped Crusader to rescue Superman. What tricks and gadgets will Batman need to defeat Darth Vader? Watch the video to find out.

(SPOILER ALERT) My thoughts on the film are I can’t express how much I enjoy these fan films. Taking multiple childhood past time and current favorites and mashing them together opening up a door to a whole new universe of “what if” possibilities. The video shows the true strength and intelligence of Batman as he battles Darth Vader who has the power of the force. The video shows a human, like Bruce Wayne, might have the power and will to last longer than a few seconds against a Sith Lord. The video also shows a non Jedi/Sith wielding a Lightsaber, which is very uncommon in the Star Wars Universe. After watching this battle I wonder why Luke Skywalker or Obi Wan Kenobi never pulled the tricks like Batman but then again Jedi’s follow a strict code while Batman is a vigilante who follows no rules.

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What any two characters would you like to see face-off? Let me know in the comments.

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