If you are a rabid reader of my blog, then you already know that I am the Collegians numeral uno fan! From the first guitar lick I heard, I have been hooked. This Australian rock band has captured my heart and if you want the proof, read THIS, THIS, and THIS!! (I know…shameless plug) I have been given the honor to do a little interview with these Aussies and I have been dying to share it with you guys!!



ArtistView: How did you guys meet?

Collegians: Three of us are brothers, so our meeting was inevitable. And we met Glenn (singer)
through an online musician classifieds site.

AV: What inspired you to work together?

C: We clicked on a personal level, which for everyone involved, is the most important

ArtistView: How do you go about creating your music? Your songwriting process?

C: We all write and produce music individually. The songwriting process varies, and
there are a number of permutations. Songs are pooled together, objectively assessed, dissected,
reassembled then recorded, and recorded again and again, or just once, then put aside and added
to the collection, or released.

ArtistView: What do you believe each of you brings to this group?

C: We have different aesthetics, so this all makes for a diverging mix of styles. Some of
our tastes align, some clash but all this is what makes it interesting for us, and hopefully
interesting for our audience.

ArtistView: What has been the best part of this journey?

C: Receiving all the amazing personal responses from people who are into our music.

ArtistView: What are your immediate future plans?

C: We’re going to release a couple more singles, then an EP, then a single to coincide
with an album, then do some live dates.

First album purchased: Kiss Destroyer
Guilty pleasure artist: The Darkness
Last concert you attended: Methyl Ethel
Last song you listened to:  City Calm Down Blood
Name 3 bands/groups that everyone should be listening to, besides yourself: The Kite String Tangle, Mia & Jaci, DMA’s


If you haven’t had a chance to check these guys out, I have placed their songs right here for you!!! Thank you guys for sharing a little of your world with us! We are anxiously awaiting your next single!

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