Chuck Taylor’s. All Stars. Converse. We all know what they are. A simple rubber-soled gym shoe that literally continues to stand the test of time. I own 2 pairs at the moment. One black and one grey.

I have gravitated towards these shoes for most of my life. Until now, I never really put much thought into why these have been the staple to my wardrobe for so long. But a week or so ago, I was sitting in my office with my feet crossed on my desk and I was struck with the urge to Instagram my Chucks. As I cropped the picture and added a filter, I realized there is just something really cool about wearing these shoes. I posted it and shared it on my Facebook with the hashtag #chucktaylorsforlife…and then it happened. My friends started posting pictures of themselves also rockin’ their Chucks that day.

Then I started thinking. (In my best Carrie Bradshaw inner monologue voice…)

Why do we really love these shoes?

Of course they are comfortable. It’s pretty much like you aren’t wearing shoes at all, especially after you have worn them for a while. However, they are not good shoes for any other weather but sunny. I live in Chicago. There’s snow everywhere I look. Yet, I still strap on my Chucks every morning and walk out the door. Usually forgetting about them protecting your feet from the rain. Your feet are gonna be soaked within minutes. There is nothing fancy about them. They aren’t expensive or rare. Yet, they are everywhere you look. Concerts, festival, art galleries, red carpets. People dress them up or dress them down. I’ve literally worn mine to Christmas parties with my dress slacks for the past several years.

I tried to remember my first pair. Black hi-tops that I pretty much wore until there was nothing left of them. Why did I beg my mom to buy me a pair? Cause my idols…the musicians I worshiped…wore them. Anyone who was anyone in the grunge scene owned a pair. I am not what you would call a fashion-forward kind of gal by any means but I wanted a pair more than anything in the world.


Now that there are random pictures of people’s feet all over my Facebook, I’m starting to really notice them in my day-to-day life. Artists, Musicians, Actors, Athletes, my neighbor, my daughter…we all wear them. Of course, it’s a personal choice to strut around in our favorite colored All Stars but I wanted to dive in deeper. I really wanted to know why these shoes are still our go-to footwear.

Mr. Google is always a great help when it comes to the research. A quick search and I found myself in a technicolor dream world for all things Converse. You literally can purchase them in any color your little heart desires. I know because I had to leave their website because my shopping cart was completely full! There are British flag Chucks. Batman Chucks. Skull Chucks. Jim Morrison Chucks. Simpson Chucks. So many different artists have collaborated and designed their own Chucks.

I posed the question to my friends and family on Facebook…which, of course, led to more pictures of feet on my wall as well as a few quotes that really hit the nail on the head for me.

“Chucks have been a part of my entire life…they are an extension of my personality and expresses my individuality.”
– MA

“I love the way they look and I feel like I’m still a little bit of my 16 year old self when I wear them!” – KD

They “have stood the test of time in all colors.”
– LC

So, even if you have absolutely no artistic ability, you can express your personality by sportin’ your favorite design of Chucks. They are a lifestyle in themselves…created by artists, represented by artists and loved by people who love the arts.

Kurt Cobain Converse Chuck Taylor Artist ViewThis is why they have graced the feet of athletes and artists alike for almost 100 years. And you can bet your Chucks that they will be around for another hundred years.

What started as Chuck Taylor’s dream to sell a shoe that didn’t hurt his feet has turned into a silent movement of people banned together by their choice of footwear. We celebrate our uniqueness as we walk through this world. A casual nod of acceptance to any person we meet with Chucks on their feet.

We can connect our individuality to the outside world through our shoes.

And as weird as that actually sounds, it couldn’t be more true.

This goes for anyone who has a shoe fetish or obsession. People spend thousands on designer shoes to line their closets. For me, there is nothing quite like lacing up a brand new pair of Chucks for the first time. And tomorrow morning, as I run out the door to begin my day, I will be taking on the world in the comfort of my favorite shoes.


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