What do you get when you mix a focused, violent, driven, obsessed, slightly insane LAPD cop, Slipknot’s Shawn “Clown” Crahan and Kim Coates? Movie magic! The rumblings over the past few months have been true. Joe Casey’s original graphic novel is about to set sail and Shawn Crahan is the captain of the ship.

Crahan has directed several of Slipknot’s videos and concert DVDs and has had a dream of directing a feature film for a long time. His passion and vision united with Casey’s absurd and violent world has the potential to be one of the most visually dynamic and unique graphic novel adaptations to date. Then you add Kim Coates into the concoction, with his eccentric flair and already notable twisted character sense,  and you can already get a feel for how this film is going to pan out.
Joe Casey's  and his work from Man of ActionCasey’s story goes like this. Terrence Downe was a regular, yet enthusiastic officer for the LAPD until he was hit by a bus, died and then was brought back to life by telekinetics to become the LAPD’s secret weapon. Yes, there are hints of some of the classic comic’s story line here. But what sets this apart from its predecessors is how Casey portrays his characters. Downe is simple, one-track minded yet strangely compelling once you start to see his little quirks. The villain, Zen Master Flash is evil to the core. He’s not misunderstood. There is no heartfelt back story to give the readers a sense that he has good deep down inside. No, Zen and his army of “tracksuit-wearing ninjas”, are just bad because they are.

The film is also being produced by Mark Neveldine who is no stranger to graphic novel film adaptations (Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance) and Skip Williamson who was the executive producer behind the Underworld series. Both of these talents are capable of bringing Officer Downe and his chaotic world to life. It would seem that the stars are aligned for this film crew so far.

I think Casey, Crahan and Coates are going to blow our minds with this film. Casey gets to see his characters come to life, Crahan gets to experience the world of film making and Coates gets a chance to show the world that there is more to him than his motorcycle club  and love for Venus Van Dam. All in all, its a win for everyone involved.


Directed by: M. Shawn Crahan

Screenplay: Joe Casey

Produced by: Mark Neveldine (Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance) and Skip Williamson (Underworld)

Life Out Loud Films

Artwork used in this post created by: Chris Burnham


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