4Oh, you cool cat
Standing there alone
In your electric star light star bright
Star man waiting, wanting, burning
Bright among the midnight lips puckered
Like the dirty boys that hide from daylight
Come on baby feel me right
You master baiter risk taker
With your collar turned to cool kids
You shine like a century

You lover undercover
Standing tall among the avenues
Hero lip licker cigarette
Style like tomorrow
Teen dream boy queen
You made it all
Now you have to leave
So fly on crazy kid
Leave us to it
You showed us how to
Do it, do it
Bad boy
Bad boy


The great star man has gone back to the sky. I am glad he came to see us. Before David Bowie we knew so little about what we could be. For the fearful ones too weird for the normality of a plain existence, he proclaimed us beautiful. He called us out from the shadows and into the light. We became pretty things.

He was the first to freak for the world. When he did he wrote a new way. We all are different because he existed. Reality is a far greater expanse because he pushed its borders and showed us that limits are relative. He opened the world for us. He was never defined. Only re-imagined. He was brave enough to be genius. Whether you are a musician, a writer, a painter, an actor or any sort of creative force, your course has been changed by Bowie.

This is the first moment of my life in which there is no David Bowie. I admit I never met the man. I came close once at a hard rock hotel in Chicago. He was to be there later that day. The lobby was adorned with cased memorabilia. I asked the attendant and he told me that Bowie would be there later. I just stood in the bar for a moment knowing that I was standing in the same building that David Bowie would stand in later. His being blazed through a midnight sky and shone the stars to us. For that moment I remembered all that. How he taught me to never be comfortable.

guitar-fellatio_2178436kEvery artist worth a shit now stands silent in his passing. He has left us to be the heroes. He showed us the way. There will never be another Ziggy. No one will ever come close to the fearless freak. He was a strange one. The demigod of danger blazing trails of kamikaze stardust. His light shined bright enough to light the way for a million years. He will shine like the far off long dead star that we now see in the sky. We all now stand on planet earth looking toward the far off light. He leaves us, if only for now. Something tells me he is waiting for us to follow him. That we may shine like the star because we chose to burn bright.


Four, three, two, one…



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