I grew up in a time when the Industrial Music scene was finally reaching into mainstream radio. When I could turn on the local rock station and hear Trent Reznor scream about Terrible Lies and Ministry and their hotrod built by Jesus. My love for this loud and hypnotic style of music was instantaneous. It was music that spoke to the world. It was dark. It was intelligent. It was right up my alley. I still to this day can put on Pretty Hate Machine and enjoy every heart pounding riff and ‘in your face’ lyrics. It led me on a musical journey filled with the Marilyn Manson and Gravity Kills and continued to pull me towards the heavier metal that I still enjoy to this day.

22HERTZ is a beautiful representation of everything that I love. Their entire album Detonate gives you a complete picture of the eclectic palette that is the Industrial Scene today. Talent. Passion. Guitar riffs that push the songs through you veins. Vocals that echo through your mind. Lyrics that implant in your brain. This album is timeless. That is the beauty of this genre of music. It doesn’t age or fade away with the years. It resonates and becomes a part of you. It stays.

This band is not going anywhere anytime soon. With over 238 thousand followers on Facebook and an album like this one, you can guarantee that their fans will be enjoying their music for a long time to come. Check out their album below and when you fall in love with it, go to their website and download it for FREE!


It is really hard for me to choose just one song that I love off of this album, but if there was a gun to my head, I would have to choose this one:


These guys have a lot of fun online so make sure you check out their social networks!






Extended Plays is an ongoing music series of all the music that I stumble upon. I listen to the music, go with my gut and spill my honest and sometimes brutal opinion all over this blog. I hope you take the time to check out the artists I review for yourselves. I tend to believe that I am always right about everything but the most beautiful thing about music is that my opinion doesn’t matter to anyone but myself.

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