Photoby- Jennifer VaughnI have many an indulgence of musical pleasures. I flirt with seventies glam rock and. I grew up on eighties synthesizer pop like Depeche Mode and the like. I have a taste that goes back years to include Michael Jackson. The first album I purchased was Thriller the day it came out. Once upon a time, I liked my rock dark and gothic in its androgyny. These are my musical roots.

So what are the chances that someone could put out the album that I would have done had I’d never had a child, left home in pursuit of sexual conquest and had the stones to wear eyeliner in public?

Add Agency has somehow channeled that. Will Mora and his early Michael bounces to Bowie with a dash of synthesizer glam in an experiment entitled Gemstone Radar. Ranging in style and influence, the album changes its feel from track to track.

From the beginning, “Bootypop” hits you but it’s layered with a little too much. It’s catchy but overdone

“Sex on the Side” will make anyone who knows them think of the band She Wants Revenge. I love the band personally and dig it that Mora may as well. I confess, I like Add Agency the more I listen.

After all, shouldn’t music make us feel included in something?

addagency-gemstone-1600x1600I must admit, I became visibly excited when I saw a cover of the Stones “Paint it Black”, a track that I hold as the definition of the dark of rock and roll. This version is different but holds to the morose origin of the classic.

At times the effects are too much, drowning Mora’s point among a “sea of look at me I’m different”. “Cola”, the last track, comes to mind right away. It is an ode to the pop feel of such songs as Bowie’s “Fame”. But it has its originality flooded with too much influence.

“Mermaid of the White Sage” has enough to make me wish he had done less. There is a time to reach for a new place. Then there is a time to leave the notes to the notes and the words to the words. This song, in particular, I’d wished he’d taken the less is more approach as Bowie himself has done and done well. “Ziggy” was flashy, but the song was raw and easy. I would like to hear Mora do the same.

This was the first release that I downloaded completely. For the most part, I listen as I go. Some of these songs I know I want to hear again. I want to remember Add Agency. I want to see where they go. In any artistic endeavor, we can become bound by influences. I’m interested to see Mora take his and go further.

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