9 to 3 digital COVER 1400pix 300dpiThousands of albums are produced every month. Each one recording what they believe is their soul’s cry to whatever, if anything, resides above. Every album is a scream into existence declaring to all eternity that they are here and must be heard. Sometimes that record resounds and takes its place upon the stone walls of music. The artist resides with the gods and walks among immortals.

The truth is that most of them are just people making records. They pay a studio to record what they do in their spare time. They hope against hope but in the final draw they are just musicians. It is the job of the reviewer to sift through the piles and sort them.

Ajay Mathur has recorded “9 to 3” and it is a diverse recording ranging in tempo and sound. There is obvious musicianship at times. At times, you wonder how a song made it to the album.

He does have a taste for the dramatic as no song sounds like the other. The let down being that a lot of the better songs sound like someone else. I hear Tom Petty. Elvis Costello suddenly walks in. There is a track that even takes me back to Faith No More’s “Evidence.”

This is where the wheat is sifted.

What defines an artist is their ability to make me think of them with each song. I shouldn’t think of someone else. A song should pull me inward to face my own reflection. It shouldn’t be simply a mirror image of those recorded before.

This is an album of influence. Yes, it experiments. There is no song alike.

The songs were echoes of something I’d heard once before.

Tell me YOUR story.

Everything we have heard before stays with us. Yes, it will come out of us somehow. It is how we pass that light through our own refracted glass that makes the difference.

Ajay Mathur is a subject of his influences. He is a perpetual student. He is not a teacher. 9 to 3 is filed among the thousands.

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