Sometimes you just need a song that tells it to you in the simplest form. Lyrics so raw set against a casual beat that pushes the song through you. AMAAL’s single Need It Too is a song that so many of us can relate too. That instinct to just react to what is calling you. A carnal force that takes hold of you searching out its other half. There are no metaphors or innuendos. Just the words coursing through your mind at that moment. I need it too.

This young singer/songwriter has hit on something so pure. He can make a career creating music that just tells the truth. Exposing all of us for what we truly are. Human. With needs. Desires. Actions. Moments in time where everything just syncs up. Creating memories that help you through all the years to come. If this song teaches us anything its to just do it. Follow that craving. Don’t hold back. Go for what you desire. This music lover just became one of AMAAL’s biggest fans.


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