Last Christmas, I had the lovely opportunity to write about the incredible Angela Howell and her album An Original Christmas. She released this album full of original festive songs along with an adorable video for her song Snap me a Selfie, Santa that has over 300 thousand hits and counting. Her warm and sultry voice is perfect for this time of year. Cozy up with your choice of hot holiday beverage next to the fireplace and this album would be the icing on the cake. This year, she has done it again with her new single There’s Nothin’ I Don’t Love. This bluesy love song showcases just how much talent this woman has building up inside of her. This is just a teaser. A taste of what 2018 holds for Angela and her fans. There is a snippet on iTunes and her CDBaby page and trust me, it is enough for you to just let your mouse hover over the “Download Now” button so you can hear the whole thing.

Below is her album, An Original Christmas, for you to enjoy as well as her video for Snap me a Selfie, Santa. Stay tuned for more news on this amazing artist.


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