Rock and Roll is meant to be dirty and loud. Bands like Rolling Stones and The Dead Boys have been guideposts for bands to follow. Bad Cop is a great example of Rock’s impurity. The new LP from the Nashville based band is called Hello Mr. Sunshine. Don’t let the title fool you. Bad Cop isn’t about brightening your day.

The album opens with AlviCass, deceiving the listener with a meditative light singular note that is crashed like a wedding by the grind of guitars and raucous vocals of Adam Moult. Dreamer Man thumps and is ready for radio. The next track Cigs + a Photo is a great example of the distortion mastery the band features. CoCo Sue blends a nineties alt (the good kind) and garage noise.

Disco Ball is my favorite and sure to be so for many listeners. It’s like the anthem of a Saturday night. If you’re Bad Cop, it could be a Tuesday. The guitars saw with streamlined mastery. Illuminate Me ticks and taps the toe with just a hint of psychedelia. The next song Teenage Fantasy is a radio-ready clapper. Now I Can See fights you with its boisterous Destroyers vibe. Room Full of Mirrors starts with a simplistic lullaby feel that feels something off of The Velvet Underground and Nico with a touch of what Bad Cop does well.

Green Eyes ends the album but kicks you in the face. It is a scrambling stereophonic collision of the unmentionable. Chasing alike the three chords like a razor, Bad Cop really put it to the listener with this last declaration.

Bad Cop has all the right kind of wrong to stand out among a mass of noisemakers and imitators. This band is the real deal.



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