Disclaimer: I poured a martini before I realized that this was the band that I was writing about tonight. Some call it fate…I call it perfect coincidence.

Before we begin…take equal parts of Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra and a pinch of Brian Wilson. Pour it over ice in a shaker and add 3 parts jazz ensemble, 1 part barbershop quartet, a hint of the islands and a dash of bluegrass country. Shake it and serve it neat in a martini glass of your choice. Can you taste it? You are frowning right now, aren’t you?

Now…imagine that it tastes like perfection.

That is what is flowing through my ears in this moment as I am thoroughly enjoying The Black Market Trust’s new album Just One of Those Things. Just when you thought you couldn’t merge any more genres together, this amazingly talented band proved you’re dead wrong. I usually categorize cover albums together in my mind but this album refuses to blend in with the rest. It’s almost like I am hearing these songs for the first time ever yet I know all the words. Maybe its the fact that there are way too many olives in my drink right now but I seriously cannot deny that this album is phenomenal.


As I snap my fingers along with the 13 songs on this release, I can’t help but notice that there are 3 songs on here that are part of the soundtrack of my life. Ain’t That a Kick in the Head, which I danced with my husband at our wedding, The Way You Look Tonight, the song I danced with my father at my wedding, and God Only Knows, which can come on at any time, day or night, and bring a smile to both my husband and my face. I immediately stop the music and realize that if these 3 songs aren’t perfection, it will completely destroy my love for this album. I take a deep breath and continue on….

And then….they nailed it…with their own flavor intertwined within the familiar melodies. I even played them for my husband and he couldn’t help but smile. If you convince the biggest critic in my house, then you have basically won. Try them on for size. I promise they won’t disappoint. Dirty martini optional…of course.





You can purchase this release on iTunes and CD Baby. Follow along with the guys on their website and in their social world:


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