There are only a few roads straight to my heart. Great food, laughter, and the Blues. Give me a dark club filled with blues riffs and a lead singer that sings from their heart, and I am hooked. Cassie Holt…she is right up my alley. Her latest single Curvy Girl not only fits every definition of a fantastic blues anthem, its also a message that speaks to my soul. Real women are curvy. Ask any man and he will tell you that curves are sexy as hell. Now, thanks to Cassie and her band, The Lost Souls, we now have a beautiful anthem to go along with the rhythm of our walk.

The video for the song proudly displays “real” woman in a beautiful and classy way. This is the kind of music that we want our daughters to relate to. This is the role model we have been looking for set against the timeless sound of the blues. Cassie Holt and The Lost Souls gained a new fan tonight and I plan on sharing her music for a long time to come.



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