Does anyone else get as excited as I do about new music? I sure hope so. I heard of this musician named Chris Sullivan from South Carolina and instantly became a fan. His new single The City That Never Sleeps is available for download and the 30 second iTunes teaser is enough to drive you crazy. The music has a Mellencamp energy that is missing from the music world today. I ventured through his band pages and found a few songs to listen to on his Reverbnation page. These songs confirmed, once again, that my musical instinct is on point. His voice has a comfort to it. It feels like home. I instantly connected with his sound. This is music. True, unapologetic music. Chris has a timeless style in his music. It sounds effortless. Exactly how music should be.





Here are a few songs that I fell in love with.



Once you have fallen for him as I did, skip on over to iTunes and download his single. I promise you won’t be disappointed.
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