cover for web shopsThe hardest part of reviewing music is deciding how much of our opinion really matters. I can sit here and claim that I love all types of music but that would be an outright lie. I may have a love for a vast array of genres and artists but I cannot use the blanket statement that covers every single song in existence. What I can say is that I do respect any artists who puts their passion out there for the world to hear.

My job as a reviewer is to listen to an artist’s work and tell my honest opinion. But what happens when you truly do not like what you hear? Is it my right to tell the world that it’s terrible? I personally do not believe it is. The beauty of music comes from the fact that what one person sees as absolute crap, another may wholeheartedly love. This happened when I heard Daniel Grinberg’s Short Stories.

Now, did I hate it? No. I did have trouble following the flow of the album. I had to work hard to understand that this truly is a collection of short stories set to music. Not that music must fit in this mold to be listenable, but I personally am a big fan of choruses, bridges, patterns, changes in the song. This album has 12 very unique songs on it. Each song created its own little world. Especially with the different singers he had on the album. To me, the songs didn’t really take me on a journey but rather down a straight road in the middle of the night with no landmarks to see.





Aveva Dese

Yoav Ambel

Yoav Ambel










Does that mean that this album is terribly hard to listen to? For some, it may be. I spent the first half of the album trying to understand the lyrics and the story behind the music. Daniel Grinberg is from Israel. I am not sure if he was born there but knowing that bit of information, I found myself wondering if English is his native tongue. That could explain the simplicity of his lyrics. I then thought about the fact that he is the producer behind the music. That this project obviously meant a whole lot to him to create these 12 tender songs and uncomplicated lyrics. He then found singers to sing his words for him. This took time, passion and commitment. All of a sudden, these songs took on a whole new meaning for me.

Short Stories may not be an album that I listen to while driving around town or even sitting around my home. It may not be my favorite album or even close. But, it’s a pretty album that a man named Daniel Grinberg created because he needed to. It most likely ate him alive inside until the finished product was in his hand. He is proud of this album. He has shared it with family and friends. He has now shared it with me and I am now sharing it with you. He put his soul into this album. And for that one reason, I will sit here humbly and tell you that my opinion doesn’t even matter.






Extended Plays is an ongoing music series written by myself and my partner James. We listen to music, go with our gut and spill our honest and sometimes brutal opinion all over this blog. We hope you take the time to check out the artists we review for yourselves. We tend to believe that we are always right about everything but the most beautiful thing about music is that our opinion doesn’t matter to anyone but ourselves.



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