Delta Deep official band shotThe dirty slide guitar like a wet, bar room floor and the beat that resounds within my gut telling me I need to listen. Then I hear her voice. She sings with voodoo child incantations. Praying angels from above with demonic vocalizations. The sound. The voice. Perfect marriage. Raw and dirty like something pure. I’m hooked. I’m shaking my head and scrambling to look back at the bio for Delta Deep. I have to admit, I was skeptical about this band. So many similar projects have failed in the past. But when you mix Phil Collen from Def Leppard’s guitar and Robert DeLeo from Stone Temple Pilots’ bass with Debbi Blackwell-Cook’s commanding vocals (Michael Buble and Luther Vandross) and Forrest Robinson’s unique rhythm, you get a cocktail that would loosen up the biggest critics.

First you are hit with a heart-pounding energy but then you are pulled into a dark, smoke-filled room. “Whiskey” walks to you like a wanted woman…her eyes on you. You watch every curve as she works what the devil gave her.

“Spirits drink their own blues…Whiskey. Whiskey will drink you too.”

A night of forbidden desire burning as you swallow each sip. This song is beautiful like a sin.

From an evening of lust to a morning met with a blinding sun and the world swirling around you, the musical influences of the guitarists begin to peek their heads out. Hints of 80’s hair metal flow around Debbi’s demanding vocals. You get a real taste of her ability and range as a vocalist. Can this woman sing anything?

Before you can even answer that question, she sings an easygoing duet with Phil that brings their story home to the one you love the following evening. A simple yet delicious love song. A bottle of wine shared on the front porch as the sun sets. Their voices melt together in a very sensual way. This woman is all talent.

This album continues to tease and taunt. It pulls you in to seduce you. Suddenly, you are singing along on a summer day with the windows down and the wind in your hair. The music is spot on. The lyrics are catchy. The vocals melt together in each song perfectly. There is even a cameo with David Coverdale. This album is everything it could possibly be.

I love the ride Delta Deep brings you on. It’s like the tides of life. It’s ups and downs, highs and lows, moments of weakness and then a deep breath of courage. This band has found its way into my playlist. Pure soul now a part of my own.





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