If you are anything like me, you spend your days seeking out new music in all forms. Call it borderline obsessed, but I am constantly craving a new song to hit my soul; a new artist to lead me in a new direction to find even more music to fall in love with. When you hear a song that captivates you, you let it feed your mind and take you to a new place. This is what happened when I heard Dhanya. Her voice broke through my earbuds and slowly simmered deep in my mind and I haven’t looked back since.

Her haunting song Lesson took me on a journey that I didn’t expect. Her melodic voice entranced me as the piano struck my heart like thunder with ever chord played. This song forces you to explore places you haven’t seen. It opens your mind to relax and take it all in. I absolutely loved it! Her self-titled LP was released today so if you enjoy this track as much as I did, go download the rest of her journey.

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