ARWIP+Album+Cover++RGB+1600x1600With soul and spirit, Elessar Thiessen has produced “A Rainy Week in Paradise.” An album ranging in influence and tempo, it is never the same. From love and life to spirituality and death, it is deep and uplifting. Self-produced and engineered it allows the artist the creative freedom to truly express himself.

The opening track, “Another Love Song”, is short at under two minutes. It reminded me of Damien Rice, a feel that appears on the album a few times. His style will at times remind the listener of Jason Mraz. The two are very close in their overall feel, but I think Elessar can go to a different place with his music.

There are a few tracks that depart from the poppy guitar feel. Those tracks in particular feature excellent guitar work and arrangement. Sometimes it seems preachy in lyric but by no means accusatory. It is one man’s view of the world around hoping for some shining light of clarity in the chaos.

“You Girl” featuring Alexa Dirks was a nice surprise. The two sing well together and it made me check out some of her stuff. It really says something when an artist can sit back and let someone else shine on his own album.

“A Rainy Week in Paradise” had me fooled for a bit. Sometimes it feels commercial but there are lyrics and subjects on this album that speak to an artist with something to say. The feel good tunes are balanced well with the heavier-toned
tracks. The production quality allows the musicianship to shine.

Elessar Thiessen is one to watch. This album shows that.



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