FadesWith a sound missing somewhat from radio, Fades is about to release an EP featuring their single “Breaking Through Walls.” With a strong sound from across the pond, this London based band gives ear candy to those who love an alt feel to their rock. Formed in 2014, this band has so much more ahead of them.

Birthed from an EP mostly by lead singer Joshua Woo, the band became official in 2015. The realization that something special may be happening, is validated by this six song EP. The album features strong guitar work with no fear of limits.

The first single entitled “Breaking Through the Walls” is a straight ahead alt single. The streamlined sound of this song makes it an obvious single.

The second song “I’ve Been Away Too Long” has a feel like Clutch. It features a good beat with a great hook that gets the toe tapping. If one was behind the wheel you could almost envision unconsciously hitting the accelerator.

“Before My Eyes” is personal favorite. With a melodic start it builds into an explosion of energy. The hook reminds me of something you would hear off a Metallica album ala Black album or Load/Re-Load. There is a background sound that gives a big feel. This song has adrenaline to its self-reflection. I love the vocals on this one. I just love the whole damn song. It has almost a Foo Fighters tone with a sound reminiscent of Queens of the Stone Age.

The track “The Killing Floor” has a sexy feel. It’s bluesy and dirty. “I crawl across the killing floor…” sings from a perspective of temptation. It makes you think of the women you bled for just to make her notice. “Dog on a Leash” is another bluesy tempo that gives way to Fades’ garage sound. This song is The Black Keys.

The EP wraps up with the more experimental and progressive “Everybody Knows.” Here I feel something that crosses between Radiohead and Alice in Chains.

Fades is a good band with a lot ahead of them. There is a sound there that catches the ear. If this is just the beginning then I’ll keep listening.






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