11021311_1092242050801394_998377556712834144_oPoets live between the lines. They each walk among words staring the profound in the face and saying it with the greatest of ease. This is what defines the poetry. Rap does not fall far from this tree at all. It is the fruit that so few of prose pick. Yet it is the closest to its modern day embodiment. Poetry is not defined in its rhyme. It is to give utterance to feeling rhythmically. Whether it be in word or time, the rhythm should be a feel. It should hook you to its message.

Frank Peters has released fifty shades of frank. Yes, a play on the modern day. I was off put by the title but because this is what I do, I gave it a listen. What I heard was a man who had a good feel for the image. He had something to say and so I heard him out. He is a self-described alternative rapper. So I waited to be struck. Unfortunately, that did not happen for me. All I heard was the usual suspects. I have sex a lot and I am tough. To me this is line of a seventeen year old talking smack at a bus stop wanting to be seen. What I was waiting for was for someone to speak to me. He didn’t. He bragged and bragged. He defined himself with is imagery. Another rapper taking advantage of women and leaving me with nothing but an empty feeling. He had no flow. There was no hook. He seemed lost among the pile of trash talkers doomed to street walkers playing small venues.

“Get It Right” could have been a party anthem, demanding a “Turn it Up. Turn it up.” for 2 minutes in a quiet whisper. Never reaching the climax. It is the equivalent to Otis Day singing “A little bit louder now.” yet never getting louder.

In every song, I wait for the moment when the music drops or the beat hits the high and I am taken to expectancy. I listen and I wait, but it never happens. I am left feeling as though I’ve just listened to someone give a spoken word.

That I guess is the difference. There are those that speak eloquence even in their lude and brood. NWA defined the line because they could hook with the best. Dr. Dre and Eminem gave radio the magic. KRS once spun a rhyme in time that spoke to mind.

Frank Peters has a way but it’s missing the point. No message. Its all just flow and waiting for me to hit the crescendo. It unfortunately never happens.

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