There’s this memorable night when you’re out with the one you love. Dinner. Drinks. Laughter. There’s this band that is just the perfect soundtrack to your evening. On a Sunday morning, as you’re listening to music and cleaning the house, you walk past your lover and grab her hand. The two of you drop the brooms and rags to the floor and dance because the song makes you think of that night. That band. The soul and the horns. The beat and the boogie. All of these are elements missing from most music today. It is why we still love the old R&B we missed because we were born too late. The songs make us feel that moment when you walk across a dance floor searching for your girl. In that moment, you know. Locking eyes. Dancing cheek to cheek. Maybe you’ll sing the words to each other. Or perhaps you’ll just lay heads on each other’s shoulders as the lights go low. The music takes you away from everyone until it is only the two of you. Tell me what other music makes you feel that way?

Idiot Grins has taken us back with Big Man. This is not a time warp because the music isn’t locked away. It is merely waiting to be found again. This band has opened the door for us. They come with soul and they rock it. They can belt out the ballads. They can bring the shake. For the most part, the album has that feel of an old song you knew once. For the children of the eighties, you will remember Billy Vera. You’ll think of the girl you danced with at some school dance and you felt like a king.

Idiot Grins is a band of musicians. They are craftsmen of old. Perfect ambassadors of an age we have forgotten. Capable of delivering it to the ones who never heard the classic soul. The album has range, as with a few old road songs that have a bit of steel guitar. These songs, in particular, tell a story. For their part of the album, they are a good departure from the main feel.

My only knock is that at times the lyrics can be weak. The music is always well done, but sometimes the words lack the grab. For a voice so capable I also felt a holding back in some tracks. When the time is right the vocals ring true and pull from within.

With a little more fine-tuning in their art, just a dash if you please, Idiot Grins can make a great record someday. Big Man is close. They need someone to push them. Just a bit more of this or that. This is a band very talented. They cross ages and let no one define them. They are not to imitate. They are their own. That is something refreshing.

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