Love is a powerful muse. Whether you are happy in love, falling out of love, losing love, loving the wrong person, or longing for love, there is a song out there for you. This simplest and uncontrollable human feeling is usually difficult to put words to. So when an artists is able to string the right lyrics together and hit someone right where it hurts, its magic.

Ivan Beecroft has done just that with the first single off his upcoming album Believe. The title track Believe is a bittersweet, slightly desperate song about relationships in the context of the difficulties of our times. His unmistakable voice rests perfectly upon the melodies of this surprisingly up-tempo song. Strings and piano keep the tempo along with the drum and bass in the background. Its complicated sound mirrors what it feels like when anyone has to deal with love. It is truly enjoyable song and if it is any indication of its surrounding songs, Believe is bound to be an extraordinary album.

Check out the song and you will see exactly what I am talking about.



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