View More: am very specific when it comes to my ears. I will say I give anything a listen but I’m quick to dismiss. I liked Joel Ansett almost instantaneously. His debut is entitled the “Nature of Us.” From track to track he takes us inward. Through his own examinations he in turn takes us on a similar journey. Real artists do this. They make us take the time out from our lives and in that moment we may realign with what truly matters.

“Nature of Us” is soulful in its essence and yet pop appealing. These are songs that, as a father, I would be glad to let my little girl listen to but, it is by no means a bubble gum album. It is wise in its spirit. The songs are powerful in lyric yet relaxing in their groove, something seriously lacking in most pop. This album is top forty ready. I don’t know if top forty is ready for this album.

Joel is a man with the ability to speak to the soul. He understands what truly matters. We are all creatures looking for love. In some way we are broken. We are the sum of our missing parts. At times we need the reminder that we are alright. We at our weak moments can feel isolated. Joel reminds that we are not. Though some may be blind to what matters most. We must not give up. This album has a message. It takes only a child to understand but yet we as adults sometimes forget.

Usually, I like to give you a track by track kind of thing. I won’t do that with this revue. But I will tell you that I immediately added one track to my songs that will be everlasting. It is the song “Wonderfully Made.” The song is about taking someone and letting them see them through your eyes. It’s the song a lover wishes her lover would hear and know that he is good, at least in her eyes. It is a song that reminds us that we are all creatures. We are born with the special gift of life and we are all precious.

This album is soul therapy. It is effective and real. “The Nature of Us” takes us within and shines our own light back at us. When we stand in that light for a moment, we can see the beautiful life we have been given. We must not be so blind as to waste it.



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