If you are a musician trying to win my heart, here a few simple tips for you to keep in mind. Sing like your life depends on it. Pour your heart out. Bleed all over the microphone. Mix it all into a song with one hell of a beat. I can usually tell within the first few seconds of a song if it’s gonna hit home. Let me tell you something…this song I am listening to right now is doing everything a song should be doing to me. This woman can sing…and not just in a pretty way. She has a set of chords on her that are God-like. From the first few words, I could feel the goosebumps coming on. There is a hint of nostalgia to her voice. Roots that can only be learned from listening to the greatest artists. Lyrics that tell a story of years…yet this woman is barely old enough to have withstood the depth of their meanings. This song has a purity to it that resonates within me. Kaeyra has a beautiful old soul and it is evident in this track. She completely won me over even before the chorus kicked in.

AND she is from Chicago. A woman cut from the same cloth as I was. It must be love at first sight!

When I sat down to write this album, I just overcame heartbreaks and frustrations, understanding that the journey to success in life, and love, takes a lot of strength to believe in yourself and really sticking to the core essence of who you really are. Therefore, the album reflects all these emotions and sends a message to all people to stay positive and true to yourself, even though it might seem difficult at times.

Fountains of Gold is a fantastic song that I think anyone can relate to. This is a true testament to the artist she is. Create music for the ages. That can stand the test of time. Keep writing songs like this and you will be able to do what you love for a lifetime.


You can follow Kaeyra in her social media world. Fountains of Gold will be available on August 25th, 2017. Download and share it with the world!



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