Image by Jeckyl Photo |

Image by Jeckyl Photo |

One person’s journey cannot be told the same way as someone else’s. We all have to find our voice.

Kimia Penton has released Lessons From Life and Love. It is her tale. The road she has traveled has taught her much. Her music has progressed alongside side her personal journey.

There are beautiful notes on this album. Many come from a voice soft and easy. It flows much in the same way Allison Krauss delivers. It is elegant and pleasing. She has a certain confidence that comes from mastering her ability. It reminds me of much the same way I felt when I heard Lee Ann Womack or Jo Dee Messina.

This album has a definite commercial viability. With the addition of a steel guitar to a tune or two, it could easily find itself on country pop radio. There is a smooth feel to each song. The Piano on “The Door” was instant draw. The mixture is well done and her voice shines throughout every track.

This is an album of heartbreak and friendship lost. Such subject matter seems to feel comfortable to her. Whatever she has gone through personally, it has opened a new creative door for Kimia. I would like to see her have her chance with a big label. She could produce quite well in the right hands.



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