Bass Whipped. This is a thing. It is one of those phrases that you can feel as you say it. Anyone who has been to a dance club knows exactly what I am talking about. Those are the best nights. The ones you never want to end. DJ just keep playing those songs. Lee Lee Lanea’s new single Bass Whipped is everything you would expect from a song with such a bold title. Fifteen seconds start to tease you and then you are hit in the face with her hauntingly sexy vocals. This woman can sing. There is a strength behind her voice that penetrated deep inside of you. Then the bass kicks it in even deeper. This song is pure sex. Like Lana Del Ray on ecstasy. I can’t imagine anyone listening to this song and not instantly feeling like they are the most beautiful person on the dance floor.


“We all have so much more to do in life than to be weighed down by pretty or beautiful, as we all have fiery hearts and wicked brains, and we should not let our souls be defined by its shell, let the music be there to break through your shell, let your heart speak out let your heart yell, just keep moving forward even if you ever fell. It is all about finding your song within, and letting your style sing on through,” says Lee Lee about why she expresses herself through music.

Keep your eyes open for this woman to continue to blow your minds. Her next single is due out in December 2017. I personally cannot wait to hear it!


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