Front Cover 300 dpiIt is rare to possess both melody and prose. Lindsay Kupser has that. With a voice pure and delicate she cuts to the deep. She has the ability to lure you in with a soft and tender tone. She will take you to the hidden places and shines the light with her introspection. Fearless in her exploration she takes you on a journey of her own emotional cross section. She is at times simple but with that she gives utterance to the inexpressible.

Listening to her latest EP “Quiet Songs” gives you a good sample of where Lindsay is in her musical development. There are hints to her influences throughout yet each song is her own. One will hear tones of Joni Mitchell, Paul Simon, and Jewel. With hints of Veruca Salt’s Nina Gordon and Tori Amos her vocals float over the acoustic canvas.


Lindsay is unafraid to explore musical territories. At times, she is able to give voice to the raw within. Then her simplicity will sometimes fall flat leaving the listener missing something. This is an artist still finding herself. Yet she stands out among the weeds like the blooming flower. Her ability and versatility are obvious giving witness to her talent.

Lindsay is a true singer-songwriter however this particular EP does give the listener a true sense of her as an artist. “Quiet Songs” falls short of giving Lindsay her true voice. We delved further into previous releases and found even more to Lindsay. An older recording entitled “It Hurts” immediately struck our ears. In it we found Lindsay’s poetry and melody at its finest. The track gave us a better sample. It is simple but speaks volumes in its composition. It could easily be played on top forty radio but also be welcomed by the discerning ear for its beauty.



“Quiet Songs” gave us enough to want more. So we found it ourselves. We are rooting for Lindsay because of her all that she is capable of as an artist. That’s the beauty of the age we live in. If one wants to really know an artist you are not limited to dimension. “Quiet Songs” ranged from sophomoric to beautiful. It also made us fans of Lindsay. We both are lovers of music that speaks. Lindsay has all the ability in the world. She is a true artist with the capability to take a piece of your soul out and show it to you. However, “Quiet Songs” was not enough. We needed more.

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