SingleDropsSimple can be so beautiful.

Luca Bash does this well. He keeps the song to its core giving you the soul of it. On his latest release The Single Drops EP, he gives a five song sample. Ranging in style and influence yet he masters them all. Every track is backed by the sound of only two acoustic guitars giving it an intimate feel. This draws the listener closer.

Where the problem arises is the lyrics. His vocal delivery makes it hard at times. The listener has to give serious effort to know the words. There is ability, but it is lost in an over styling. It is best served by the reggae style of the track “Dear John.”

The influences range vastly but are not dominating. Even with “Black Swan’s Walls” heavy Dave Matthews influence, it is still able to stand alone. It’s a testament to his ability for me because Dave Matthews give me migraines. I didn’t get one from Luca.

His voice can be hard to handle, but the music is good. This EP is a good sample for those willing to give Luca Bash a listen. For those of you who dig your Cat Stevens, you’ll like this. He is soulful and spirited.

The album is tender and powerful. He just needs the right song for his voice.

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