Have you ever heard a song that left you wondering if you just heard the words of the artist’s personal journal set to music? Like the artists pulled her soul open and served a slice to you on a plate. Marlena Anna’s new EP Habitual is everything a heart hides from the light of the day. Words left unspoken. Truths left buried deep inside. This album takes you on a stroll through the darkest and deepest corners of her thoughts. Confessions. Raw emotions. What haunts her. What keeps her up at night. All the private details of every feeling flowing through her. This album is phenomenal.

It is a pure talent to be able to pour your heart out and have it affect even just one person. A true artist has this power. As I take in every note, every perfect lyric, I find myself reliving parts of my journey…finding solace that I am not alone in the pain, the questions, the elation, the reality of what love can truly do to a person. It brings a relieving breath to my lungs as I look at my memories through the crystal windows of her songs.

When an artist can conjure emotions that you have pushed out of sight, it is powerful. A warmth comes upon you, a certain note hits that part of you that is untouchable, a simple line creates a stir of emotions that make you hold back your tears so no one near you notices your misty eyes.

You see right through my heart. Thank you Marlena, for this beautiful gift. For exposing your mind and reminding us that those parts of us are not lost. That is perfectly normal to feel these emotions. For giving us a safe space to learn and heal. Keep writing. Keep sharing your journey. I know that I will continue to listen and love. Thank you for being So Fuckin’ Real.

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