My Dream Single CoverThe point of music is to take you to a point where your soul is freed and your body can express. It’s been a long day and I’m sipping whiskey. I’m crabby. Another spoiled thirty something cynically sitting in comfort.

I’ve been sent another review. The man’s name is Nesbeth from Kingston, Jamaica. I know where this is going.

And I’m wrong.

I read the bio and made my assumptions.

It’s a single. “My Dream.” It beats with a flow and chants like an anthem. It teaches and preaches but in the way we can all say amen to. Nesbeth makes music. It is proud and determined. He is fierce and eloquent.

Suddenly, I’ll be damned, I am out of my own head.

Like Martin Luther King started, my dream, my dream.” I don’t know where I was before but I’m not there anymore. I’m reminded of the greater world. Things are bigger than me and I’m doing alright.

Nesbeth, you got me.

The chorus, “Look at me now, Look at me now!” I remember that I am doing alright. I was where I was before but I am not there anymore. I am a thankful man. Give me a break. I’m a little humbled now.

So this single comes with a link to his EP, Victory. I give every song a listen and I am taken away again. Away from my own head. Taken to bigger things. This is spiritual and transcendent. It is another view of the world that I am to blindfolded by my cynicism to remember that it is not just how I see it.

Hundu Lay Lay” is mellow in delivery but poignant. I think of others in places I’ve never seen who have seen things I will never have to fear. I am thankful.

Jah Jah Handpick” is spiritual in its message. It speaks to the temptations we face with each day. It stands faithful in the face of the evil at your doorstep.

Even Though” is a personal reflection. This song reminds me to look back and learn the lesson. “Even though sunny days has come, I cant forget my darker days.” I can relate. But I am sure I have never faced the dark like those with the light of a different sun.

Taste Victory” holds your head up and reminds you to keep going. No matter what you have tasted, you will taste victory.

Marijuana” is the final song on the EP. So here I paused. I’m not a fan of plant. To each their own. I would rather sit here and sip a little whiskey or wine. So I’m thinking this is another Joe Rogan endorsement.

Sure it is. Just a little. But there is another message.

“Don’t do it for the money.”

“Some sell their organs. Some sell their best friend.”

I see it now. Its not about the money. We must give what we must to the money changer. We all pay our bills, we work. but what is truly important is love. Those we love. What we do out of love. Our passion makes our soul. For some it is loved ones. For some it is music. For some it is changing the world. With this song we are reminded that we should always look within and question why we do the things we do. Are we selling our passions out to the money? Are we losing our souls?

Nesbeth comes from a different life than my own. He is a man that has seen and known things far different then I have known. What I am reminded by his music is that I am learning. That I must always be open. Music is not always about what is a hit. It is not all about the money. Music should change us. It should free us from ourselves so that we can be open. Nesbeth has done what he has set out to do. He is teacher and student. We should always remember to be both. True artists are.



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