If it works then make another. When sales fall then repackage it and call it new and improved. It’s all marketing in the end.

Passion_Ver1Nick de la Hoyde has been packaged for mass consumption.  The twenty-one-year-old hip pop performer from Australia is being touted as someone who breaks the norms of a genre. Outside of being from Australia he is obvious. The sound behind him can at times strike one as big and wide as the Australian open range.  Safe in lyrical content and sensitive in his delivery, he fits perfectly into the playlist of twelve-year-old girls everywhere. His image projects an edge, but his lyrics say “oh baby.” His “depth” allows him to strike his target audience where it hurts; directly into prepubescent hearts longing for their dreamboat. His poster is sure to be splattered on the walls of preteen girls across the globe.

The music itself is well produced and effective in its desired result. He gives his audience songs that will make them feel as though he is singing to them. They will listen to his lyrics that speak of “The Long Way”, hinting at introspection. The songs are easy to ear. The flow is smooth. Nick’s brand of hip pop blends between rap and soft vocals setting a tone easily consumable for his audience. There is talent there. There is not enough talent to wow. There is no stop and listen like a Bruno Mars or Justin Timberlake. It is middle school music safe for your daughter to do homework to.

Pop music is an industry. At times, it produces a great talent. Sometimes the talent rises above a genre. Those performers become icons. Mostly it produces music that is listened to for a time and then deleted in favor of the next. There is nothing about Nick De La Hoyde that tells me he is nothing more than the next.

I’m sure such a review can be chuckled at and thrown off the shoulder as if it were merely rain drops. There may be that future merchandise plaguing the homes of every preteen girl. He may stand under lights brighter and crowds bigger than anything I will ever see. To that, I give a nod. In time, the lights will fade and the crowds will dwindle. A young girl will look through her phone and delete all those songs that have faded like the steam on cold glass. They will lose their meaning. They will lose their place.





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