Earth and SkyWith a sound that is soothing to the ear, Oakes and Smith have released another EP. Their latest effort entitles “Earth and Sky” is available now to all their fans. The duo features Robert Oakes and Katherine Smith, both the children of musical families. The album is a showcase of their ability for harmony and melody.

It is touted as music for the soul, taking inspiration from the world around them. The first track “So Beautiful” makes one think of a person or place that to them is home. This song is about the journey that has been before and where one is now. It gives you the feeling that what you see now is new.

The next track “Presence” is about a loss. It could be the loss of someone passing on. Maybe it is about the loss of someone moving on. Whichever it be, it is about the feeling that someone can still linger in your life long after they are gone. The sound is haunting and ethereal. The harmonies are well done.

“Never Let the Light Day” is more of an up-tempo tune that maintains the other worldly feel. It is about a partnership of souls.

“Surrender” is about the reality of leaving. It is hard on the heart and emotional in its delivery. The song is beautiful in its composition and heart wrenching in subject. The piano that accompanies the sound is something I wished there was more of on the album.

The final track “Closer to Home” features Jon Anderson of Yes. It is a song about returning to what we know. It is more string orientated and features well harmonized backing vocals. This song gives a feeling more than any, of a seventies folk song.

If you like soft and inspiring this release is for you. Oakes and Smith are very talented. The production is top notch. Katherine’s voice is the main feature of every song. She has a beautiful delivery and the music that backs her is played by proficient musicians. Oakes and Smith is a group that is very good at what they do. They should keep doing it.

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