Opium Denn - Demarkation CD-LP CoverArt is creation. Genius is to say a profound thing simply. In the attempt to find something truly great, many have explored great depths. Fearlessly they have taken risks creatively and personally in the hope of producing something truly extraordinary.

Opium Denn debuts with Demarkation. It is somewhere between exploration and creation. It is a self-produced effort in progressive rock. A concept album of self-examination, it is a one man show. The artist at the center is never truly identified. That is part of the mystery.

For me, the other part of the mystery was trying to figure out just where the album was going. It is heavily saturated with guitar and long winded at times in its delivery. There are layers throughout, but sometimes they take away from the song. It is the artist’s intent to make us feel something with each note but after so much long-winded string bending I caught myself ready to skip.

The vocals reminded me of the Scorpions frontman Klaus Meine but only in delivery. Not in capability. The lyrics often are drowned among the riffs and background noise. The voice is not distinctive. This may be the result of self-production. Some of us need editors.

The musicianship should not be slighted. The bold move of every arrangement takes a person of talent to achieve. It is just too much. Perhaps it is too much for my ears. I admit in this particular review a certain bias. I don’t care much for guitar-focused music. I also admit to owning scorpions greatest hits among many an eighties classic. This album did nothing for me outside of the piano that from time to time makes a subtle appearance.

Now for the story behind the story.

We searched for Opium Denn on Facebook. The page has videos for the entire album. They are meant to tell a story. Unfortunately, they are videos of Barbie Doll/Action figures acting out in stop motion. This made for a comical experience. What was meant to be a review of an album became a Mystery Science Theater 3000 session. No one should watch these videos if they want to take the album seriously. I personally don’t mind critics. I also hope I don’t open myself up to them with my efforts. This album must be separated from the videos that accompany it.

This is Prog rock. It shouldn’t be self-produced.

If you like Dream Theater you’ll love this. If you know who they are then I don’t feel so old.

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