There is something about this time of year. The world awakens. We start to venture outdoors again. We find ourselves happier and smiling more. The music world tends to follow in our footsteps by creating music to reflect the way the world is feeling. Overall excited about life. Charlottesville, Virgina’s Pale Blue Dot’s new single Only Love is a perfect example of this. Their eclectic sound is showcased in this catchy tune. Perfect for a drive with the windows down or to play at a party on a hot summer night. Their album Anatomy is out now and this single is just a tease to what the rest of the songs have in store for us.



You can follow Pale Blue Dot on their website and in their social media world:





Extended Plays is an ongoing music series of all the music that I stumble upon. I listen to the music, go with my gut, and spill my honest, and sometimes brutal, opinion all over this blog. I hope you take the time to check out the artists I review for yourselves. I tend to believe that I am always right about everything but the most beautiful thing about music is that my opinion doesn’t matter to anyone but myself.








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