Ramsey promo 7 - credit bluntassziggyPulsating and primal, Ramsey grabs your sin by the hair. She blends vulnerability and power on her latest single “Pay.” In a matter of months, she has accumulated over 1.8 million SoundCloud plays. Vocally astounding and lyrically gripping, she is sure to grow in notoriety.

The track is haunting in its release of the inner hurt. She owns her pain in powerful defiance. It is a story of overcoming. To some it may be addiction. It may be a former lover. For Ramsey, the story is personal and it shows in her intensity.

“You were painful
I am yours no longer
Your defeat is just beginning
May God have mercy”

It is beautifully melodic. All of it is the result of her own production. She blends an electronic trip
hop inspired sound into something addicting in its sway. The vocals are powerful. She tempts with a haunting whisper. She pulls you in close then erupts with authority.

The track became such an enticement that I pursued further. I was led into the other rooms of her library. I was not once let down from the high that “Pay” took me to. Ramsey has bottled the feeling of hot candle wax and recorded for our pleasure and hers.

“Pay” took me to a personal place. That is something an artist should do. I was fed just enough to make me want more. What I found left me hooked. Lana Del Rey meets Sade in a dark room while Portishead runs her fingers through their hair. Ramsey talks to your mind while toying with your body. She’ll take your demons and hold you through night. In the morning, you will wake up and only think of her. That is music that stays with you. It becomes a part of you and leaves you thirsting for more.




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