She’s got a lock on California but she dreams of Tennessee. She’s got a writer right beside her but she only thinks of me.

I have always been intrigued by the story behind the music. It’s a magical moment when a song or an artist touches your soul but when you hear that their journey is even bigger than the music, that’s the hook for me. Instantly, that artist becomes a part of my heart. That was the case when I heard Robert Hunter’s upcoming EP Afterglow. It started with the music…a melody flowing through your ears. Then the lyrics start to assemble in your mind as you find your common ground. Before you know it, you have hit repeat a dozen times and are singing along. That moment is a perfectly private emotion that stays with you forever.

Then you dig a little deeper and you find the words behind the lyrics.

This record means a lot to me. I lost my mind more than once writing it. This was always the excuse…one more line…one more song…one more trip to Tennessee – to quiet this need that follows me everywhere – to finish what I started, when I started writing songs such a long time ago. Oh yes, Afterglow. There is no better way to describe the feeling.

Since finishing the record, I found out that the one person who believed in me the most, as the music thing was getting going, Becky; my best friend; my chaperone in Nashville; ‘Annie’ in all my songs, and the sweetest girl I know – has cancer.

I thought hard about cancelling the release, but she wouldn’t have it. “Not when we’ve come so far.”

I played the album again with a fresh eye and my heart hurt. You can feel the journey and the love written between the words. The record had a pulse, a heart beat and a soul. Thank you Robert. For not giving up on this record. For sharing this part of your world with us. For this gift you have given us and your Annie.

Robert Hunter Music
Preorder Afterglow here! Release Date: February 24th, 2017!

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