Today’s society brings so much content to the table. Regardless of your views, there is inspiration fed to us constantly. When you are set out to write about your frustrations with the government, there is a never-ending stream of fuel for your fire. A Silver Lining’s first single off their debut album Paralyzed is heavy hitting hard rock song about the constant battle and choices we are faced with every day. Don’t Let Me Down is a fitting title. They give us two sides to choose. To keep us weak and to keep them strong. The weak can stand up together and keep holding on. 

The music video is set to a basement style fight club between two parties. It’s grit. It’s heavy. It’s truth. Their sound is powerful and absolutely drenched in everything that is beautiful about rock n’ roll.



It’s really important for us to change lives. Even if we help just one person with this album it’ll all be worth it. -Lucas; Lead Vocals




If you like this video, check out their Facebook page to enjoy the show as they release a new video every day until September 8th, 2017. Paralyzed is available for pre-order on iTunes and Amazon Music.

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