SpaceApachesSmilesingleARTSometimes people just want to make music. It doesn’t have to be astounding. It doesn’t have to transcend. This I understand well. People want to create. It is one the defining characteristics of mankind.

I am listening to the new release by Space Apaches entitled “Smokin’ Voyage”. I waited to get into to it. And I kept waiting. For me, it didn’t make an impression. I am able to hear some good musicianship on the record. Similar to a band I recently reviewed, Opium Denn, it is progressive. The voices are eerily alike.

This sounds like a jam session. Some friends got together. Session players. Travelers. They jam. A record happens. That is the feel of this album. They are the total of their parts. Jim Arrendell on drums, Rob Geisler on bass, Aaron Price with Piano and guitar. Andrew Reed leads the guitar charge with Tom Leiner. You get the feeling these guys have played together somewhere before.

The vocals are adequate. They are nasal in delivery and unattractive in character. There are a few covers that make for fun when recognized, but nothing truly defining.

The lyrics are simple and for the most part, unimpressive. There is a message intended, but it is predictable.

I must say that these guys seem to have a sense of humor about the whole thing. It’s music. They make it. They are having a good time doing it. More power to them. It just didn’t rub off on me while I was listening.

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