The soulful and soothing sounds of the song I am about to share with you is just one more reason to be excited for the upcoming week! Steve Hussey and Jake Eddy have released their first single off their upcoming album The Miller Girl due out November 22nd through Merf Records.

“Into the Ether” This is one of my favorite songs I have ever written. It gets a very strong response live. I love the music, the changes, the lyrics, how it sounds happy but if you listen it’s actually pretty dark and confusing. It’s about lost love and shattered dreams to me personally, but it’s about where the listener places it that’s important. The county line in the chorus really just represents anywhere but here. A need to escape from some garbage that’s happening. – Steve Hussey

This song has been traveling through my mind ever since I first heard it. It’s the kind of song that lets your thoughts wander through the steps that led you to this point. But don’t just take my word for it, listen for yourself!

I look forward to hearing the songs that surround this gem when the album releases! You can preorder it here. Might as well get the autographed copy while you are at it. I see this band becoming a household name soon!

Follow them here as they countdown the days to their new release:




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