talia-thugs-they-look-like-angels-coverWhen you think of Paris, you think of the Eiffel Tower, the city of love, bridges, wine…and rock n’ roll, right? Well, you will after you check out our newest Extended Plays artist, TALIA. Its been a while since I heard an album with so much mischievous fun packed into 10 songs. Thugs They Look Like Angels is filled with catchy and aggressive riffs mixed with heart pounding drums and one of the most unique vocalist since Hinder. 3 songs in and I was ready to paint the town red. Throw this album on with the top down as you drive through the city on a summer night. I dare you to stop bouncing your head to these songs. You can catch them live in 2017 in France opening for Nashville Pussy…if that gives you any idea as to what you are about to experience. But don’t just sit here reading my words…listen for yourself!





Check out their official video for American Bride

You can follow TALIA online at www.taliarock.com and socially at:


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