Technological SunI’d like to introduce you to Tehnoloogiline Päike. I’d be lying if I said that this award winning Estonian experimental pop/electronic group and I didn’t have a rocky start. So much of music is based on the world directly around you. Your mood can change your opinion of a song. Some music fails to connect right away. This is what happened when I first gave their new LP Technological Sun a spin. It didn’t hit me. I was struggling to understand the music. The songs just did nothing for me. I decided to put it down and try again another time.

That time was this morning. I can tell you that I was in a much better mood this time around. I had also done a little research on the band and got to know the story behind the music, which, in my opinion, always helps. I approached the album with caution and was pleasantly surprised by what I heard this time around. It almost became a victim of circumstance. I am quite happy that I decided to give this band another go.

They have a beautiful way of blending sounds that you wouldn’t think would mesh well. They are not afraid to take risks when it comes to what they want each song to portray. Sometimes I think it sounds dated but in the same breath, I find myself thinking that I have never heard anything like this band. There is a underlining sadness to the entire LP surrounded by almost a feeling of rebirth. Like they found their voice after having it drowned by the abyss for so long. This is especially evident in So Many Days with its echoing calls about the many days you will endlessly fight. Pouring out all the words that have been circling their mind for so long.

I’m not sure yet where their songs fit in modern music. There are a couple that I think would be great for soundtracks. This Means War has this creepy whimsical vibe to it. Clownish but in the ‘locked in the amusement park after dark while being chased by a psychopathic clown’ kinda way. Or as the title hints at, maybe the after affects of war…abandoned crumbling towns and their hidden secrets. I could see Tim Burton or Rob Zombie using a song like this to create a confusing suspense to one of their films. Another one is Breaking It which is haunting and catchy. There is a lot of energy hidden behind the mellow lyrics.

Then just like a breath of fresh air, If I Just Die brings the album to a more poppy level. There are hints of a little RnB with the female vocals closing the gaps between the verses. The beat is catchy and almost childlike yet it still has the haunting synth sound in the background. I enjoy an album that surprises me. I enjoy a band that is not afraid to show all of their emotions musically. I am really starting to feel the journey they want us to experience.

With Redemption, I tried to not to read into the literal sense of the name too much at first. I wanted to see how the song made me feel. It has the incredible build up throughout the song. Then half way through, it breaks down with a chorus of beautiful ghostly female chants. This song has a fuel behind it. This song has the most emotion tied to it so far for me. If I were to guess, this song is the breaking point in the journey. I have a feeling the rest of the songs will end up taking us in an entirely different direction.

Just like I expected, Exit starts to flow through my ears and it is filled with a different intensity. No longer a haunting vibe but rather an awakening. It steps up the pace a bit. The sounds pouring through the song bring a suspense unlike any of the songs before. It has the catchy feel like Breaking It did but displayed in a very different light.

I cannot help but get glimpses of The Never Ending Story as I listen to this album. It just has this fantasy whimsy feel to it. It is filled with possibilities and anticipation. It is the perfect soundtrack to a story about overcoming obstacles and defeating the darkness. Remember Me is the final song on the LP and I can’t help but feel a bit sad that the journey is coming to an end. Like a opera sung in a language you cannot understand, this album brought emotions along with it that told a story that anyone could relate to. It ends on a high note and the thought that everything is going to work out good for now. It leaves you wanting more, which is exactly how a great album should make your feel. I want to thank them for bringing me along on their journey. I am looking forward to seeing where the road takes this band. It’s been a long time since music swept me away like this album did.


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