You-Said_discWhen I listen to a new band, I try and imagine what it would feel like to be at their concert. I think of what scenario would be appropriate to play their album. Would I put this on at a party? Could I blast this album as I clean my house? Or get ready for a night out? Music inspires me in different ways. The songs that I love always find a way to cuddle in the arms of my world.

Tumbler’s You Said starts off a little strange in my head. It doesn’t instantly find a comfortable place to sit. As the tracks rolled by through my ears, each song seemed like it didn’t fit with the next. I kept hearing random hints of Enuff Z’Nuff and their bluesy pop lyrics mixed with an Indie Folk band I fell in love with in Nashville, Bear Cub. An eclectic mix to most. An acquired taste for some. But the sound of their influences are only a garnish on the rim of the glass. This album is unique in its composition. As I travelled through the songs, I found myself enjoying it more and more. Life is random, so am I and so is this album.

My partner, James, couldn’t be further away from me on the spectrum when it comes to this band. Proving my point that not everyone is going to like this album. It’s easy going in its nature. The stories told are simple and sweet. Sometimes a bit too sweet for the likes of fans who like a little depth and a little darkness to their playlist.

I like the range in Richard Grace’s voice. I like the use of words you normally don’t hear in lyrics. I really enjoy how the entire album leaves you feeling high on life. This band is just that. They do not come off as this ‘party all night’ type of band. I see them singing along in the pews at church on Sunday mornings. I see them with solid family values and a life full of hopes and dreams.

Normally, I would not read about the band until I have heard the entire album. I want my first impression to be based on the music only. But the song “Call Me Sentimental” came on and I wanted to see if they told me who the female half of this pretty duet was. I started to read about how this band is headed by Richard along with his 5th son, Harry. Their life was not always simple but at the end of the day, family is all that matters. It doesn’t say whether or not they attend church on Sundays, but I can see Richard and his 6 sons filling a pew each week. I still don’t know who the female backup is on this song, but if I didn’t already have a soft spot for this band, I would have after reading their story.

All in all, this a really great experimental album. It isn’t the type of music you will hear on the radio. It isn’t going to capture you and blow your mind. But it will leave you feeling pretty damn good about the world we live in. We all could use more music like Tumbler in our lives.

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