6dvi_273Monday morning…dreading starting my week all over again. I hop in the car and decide to check out this band that I heard about over the weekend. They are a brother/sister duo which I thought was pretty cool. Growing up in such a musical family, I couldn’t help but be intrigued. Within the first few seconds, I knew this band had something special. Their album Royal Family starts off with their single Happy Hour and I’d be lying if I didn’t say that this song belongs on the radio right now. It has the party feel and the never tiresome concept that we are all impatiently waiting for the weekend. I can guarantee that I will be blasting this song the next time I am getting ready for a night out.

The songs flowed through my speakers as the soundtrack to my commute, I found myself bouncing my head…bouncing my head?? On a Monday morning?? This never happens. There are hints of 90’s house and pop intertwined with a very current dance sound. Dark night club, dance floor packed, everyone moving in unison. Marisa “Ris” Urbano’s captivating voice meshes so perfectly with her brother John’s lyrical flow. This album is high energy and exciting. I found myself wanting more after the songs were done playing.

This duo has everything. They are beautiful people with entrancing vocals and don’t think anyone could listen to this album without agreeing.

Check out their video for Happy Hour!


We’ll raise our glass tonight. I’m loving my life.

If you enjoyed that…keep listening! I promise you will love it!


You can download Urbano’s album Royal Family on their website for FREE! Play it for your friends. Tell the DJ’s at the club about this band. Their music is way too good to not be heard!

You can find Urbano online at www.urbanomusicgroup.com or socially on:






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