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About Art By Joseph

About Joseph (JOE)

Artist Joseph Gagnepain has been creating artwork and deeming himself as an artist for as long as he can remember. Whether it be drawing, painting, sculpting (in many different mediums), or playing with logos and designs on the computer; Joseph enjoys the artistic process and seeing an idea manifest into a visual form.

Gagnepain does commission work for private clients, small businesses, municipalities, schools, museums and corporations.

Artist Statement:

Joe Gagnepain is engaged in the task of creating something meaningful from society’s refuse, working it into monumental works of art. Gagnepain mimics living forms with inorganic matter, creating animals, insects, plants, and whimsical abstractions from garbage. He works primarily in metal and plastic; including bicycle parts, plastic toys, antique metal pieces, car parts, and anything that can be scavenged to reduce environmental impact.

Joe believes his art should serve the interests of his community by offering accessibility of his work for all to enjoy and be inspired by. Gagnepain’s pieces are meant to be outside, to be viewed by many, and be close to the natural world which informs them. To Joe, inspiration comes from many places, and interaction with the public is an important part of his artistic process.

Clients Include:

Geneva High School
City of Geneva, IL
Geneva Police Department
City of Aurora, IL
Camel Tobacco
City of Elgin, IL
Pizzeria Venti (over 15 stores nationwide)
Munhall Elementary, St Charles
St. Charles North High School
St. Charles East High School
West Chicago Public Library
North Aurora Public Library
Batavia Enterprises Inc.
City of Batavia, IL
Batavia Mainstreet
Geneva Chamber of Commerce
Graham’s 318
Jalapeno Grille Mexican Restaurant
Aliano’s Ristorante
All Spoked Up
Arcedium Coffeehouse
Fox River Cafe
Good Cents Children
Ray Witaski Law Practice
The Greater St. Charles Education Foundation
Batavia Park Foundation
Batavia Education Foundation
Batavia Woman’s Club
Village of Westmont
Take Action Fitness
Anchor Spa and Pool
Integrated Fitness
Martini Blu
Aqua Lounge
East Side Sports Pub
The Duomo/Liechti Household
The Patel Collection

Contact Art By Joseph

Francis Joseph Gagnepain IV
Cell: 630.456.6626
Email: [email protected]
Studio: 39w835 Midan Drive, Elburn, IL  (call for appointment)
Mailing Address: 211 S. 3rd St., St Charles, IL


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